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Gwirwyd y dudalen hon

meeting of the Society of Ancient Britons, established in honour of Her Royal Highness's Birthday and of the Principality of Wales." Yn y gerdd hon y mae "Fame and Cambria" yn canu bob yn ail, a dyma enghraifft o'u cân:

Hail, Cambria! long to fame well known,
Thy patron saint looks smiling down,
Well pleas'd to see
This day, prolific of renown,
Increas'd in honours to himself and thee.

Prolific yw'r union air. Gan Browne yn "Britannia's Pastorals," ceir math ar amddi ffyniad i'r beirdd Cymreig, fel goleuadau digon buddiol-canhwyllau brwyn, efallai:

The British bards were not then long time mute,
But to their sweet harps sung their famous Brute;
Striving in spite of all the mists of eld
To have his story more authentic held,
Why should we envy them those wreaths of fame?

Rather afford them all the worth we may,
For what to give them adds to our ray.
And, Britons, think not that your glories fall,
Derived from a mean original;
Since lights that may have pow'r to check the dark
Can have their lustre from the smallest spark.

Y mae un o "fugeiliaid mwyn" y bardd hwn hefyd yn canu i Ddyfrdwy fel hyn: