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Gwirwyd y dudalen hon

Or the rude gabble of the Huns,
Or the broader dialect
Of Caledonia she affect,
Or take, Hibernia, thy still ranker brogue?
Accoutred thus, th' advent'rous youth
Seeks not the level lawn, or velvet mead,
Fast by whose side clear streams meand'ring creep;
But urges on amain the fiery steed
Up Snowdon's shaggy side, or Cambrian rock uncouth.
Where the venerable herd
Of goats with long and sapient beard,
And wanton kidlings their blithe revels keep.
Now up the mountain see him strain,
Now down the vale he's tost;
Now flashes on the sight again,
Now in the palpable obscure quite lost.

See, see, he soars! with mighty wings out spread,
And long resounding mane,
The courser quits the plain,
Aloft in air, see, see him bear
The bard who shrouds
His lyric glory in the clouds,
Too fond to strike the stars with lofty head,
He topples headlong from the giddy height,
Deep in the Cambrian gulf immerg'd in endless night.

Go lew'r merlyn mynydd! Ysgrifennodd Hughes hefyd "Ode for Two Voices' (set to music by Dr. Pepusch) for the birthday of the Princess of Wales, 1715, and performed at the anniversary